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I recently started a youtube channel and want to do a gameplay video on your game..please let me know if there are any updates or simular games that you have made

thanks_ MCG

Been a while since any comments made here lol. Sadly there have been no updates for a while as I've lost interest in the project.

I do have a LudumDare submission Drill Destruction, but I doubt you'll be able to produce a full video on that as it is rather small (but difficult!).

Please send me a link.. I quite enjoy a challenge

I played drill destruction and I quite like it.

How did you mod it??

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Until- well, whoever you have working on music is finished, could you put in an options screen on the menu, or at least toggle effects/music buttons?

How do i can change crosshair size?

The main menu music has this weird screeching noise like nails on a chalk board, it is really annoying.

Yea we did fix that in u6.1, so it's okay now

Why is there dicks out for harambe sound file in the game files

1) how do you see my game files, it's just an .exe

2)press h on menu

hey Bob do you use your own music? or do you take it from wasteland kings because in the third area the music seems different

While the current areas use the OG wasteland kings music for those three areas I have my own guy working on some wonderful tunes for the next updates area.

we can help you publish this on Steam.that's a fantastic game and it's almost ready

Did you use my demon sprite for the demon enemy?

While slightly modified I did in fact use the sprite as a base for the enemy.

Cool thanks

On the loading screen it sometimes says "fish can roll" even though you removed fish :O pls fix this is gamebreaking

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So do you have any ideas how the Hell's Gate boss will work? If not I have got some pretty good ideas!

nah not really, I'm open to ideas though! :)

So I think it should be a stationary boss like "Big Machine" from the ultra mod and it should have these living bear traps that are on chains that are chained to the wall and act like chain chomps from the Mario series! I might even try and sprite them for you if you want? :)

I just did a demon enemy sprite for you! Would you like to see it?:)

Also just finnished the bear trap chain chomp sprite!

I'd totally like to see them! Sounds like a cool idea!

Now the question is how will I be able to send them over to you?

The hell's gate really exists?

No, not yet but much like Nuclear Throne (where the Nuclear Throne only existed after update #31) it is to be added eventually.

Too bad a mac version is impossible to make.

Yea, GM is still new to me, I hope to bring it to Mac as well in the future.


So Cool :D