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What is This?

The "Infant Games" project is a small project of mine intended for me to up-skill myself as an indie developer in preparation for the trials of making a real and sellable game. Over the course of this pages development I'll be uploading games so small I can only refer to them as infant games that I make by following tutorials and taking what I've learned from past experience to modify the game - with the intention being that at some point I'll be uploading games vastly different from the original tutorial thanks the the knowledge I've accumulated.

Are these really your games?

No, not really - I do not wish to take any portion of credit for these games as they are largely taken from tutorials I can find, for this reason in every description of the current games I'll link directly to the source for the tutorial and explicitly state what I've taken from them.

Current Games!

Dungeon Crawler

This dungeon crawler game was taken from Heartbeast's Random Level Generation series. There are a few things I have changed and decided to leave out. Primarily I decided to make this a more grid-based top down game, which involved not completing the auto-tiling code and forcing the players movements into the grid (which just involved increasing the mask, increasing the player step speed and placing the movement to key_press events). I also did not add enemy path-finding as I am currently unable to make my enemies stick to a grid while also moving towards the player (instead choosing to make them collectible objects).


This platformer was taken from the Magic3Frogs Mario Replica Tutorial. I have changed a few things, for one, I have very few items but have added an effect to the item that changes the movement of the character for a short period. I've also kept the current aesthetic of my other game. I've also changed the level layout and added the mechanic of a timer counting down until a fail state.


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